Electric Guitar Package in EAST FREMANTLE, Western Australia for sale

Electric Guitar Package
Electric Guitar Package
Electric Guitar Package

Electric Guitar PlayerPac is perfect for first-time guitarists of all ages. the AXL PlayerPac has everything beginning players need to get started. The guitar has 3 single coil pickups for a variety of different tones, and a classic style tremolo bar for easy string bending. The PlayerPac comes with a loud 10W amp that is great for practicing, a gig bag to carry the guitar, a strap, guitar picks and a digital tuner to make staying in tune a snap. For players who want an entry-level guitar kit that is actually playable, you need to look no further than the AXL Electric Guitar Player Pac.
Package Inludes:
AXL Headliner Electric Guitar
AXL 10w Amplifier
Gig Bag
Electronic Tuner
6 Picks